Specialising in CNC precision milling, CNC turning and prototyping in metals and plastics

Offering a wide range of CNC precision engineering facilities including CNC turning/milling parts from 1mm to 350mm in
diameter and milled parts to 1m in length using our 3 & 5 axis machining centres and multi-axis twin spindle lathes.
Kelvin Precision Products Ltd is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company based in the heart of the Manor Royal
Business District, Crawley close to Gatwick Airport.

CNC milling and turning

CNC Milling

Using the latest 3 & 5 axis Hurco machining centres we can manufacture simple or highly complex parts for a wide range of industries in metals or plastics.

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sliding head lathe

CNC Turning

We have Star and Mazak multi-axis turning centres and can manufacture small and large turned or turn-mill parts in metals and plastics to very high tolerances.

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Engineering in sussex and surrey

Parts Prototyping

Working with you on material choices and efficient design we can help to develop your product from a one off concept through to volume manufacturing and delivery.

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CAD CAM Engineering


Using industry leading Autodesk Featurecam Ultimate © software 'off machine' we can program and use simulation to increase efficiency and accuracy of parts manufacture.

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CNC Engineering

Computer Numerical Control Engineering (CNC) provides precision and accuracy when cutting to exact programed measurements.

Programed by G-Code a CNC machine can be directed to make the perfect product to exact dimensions. CNC can mass produce parts to a very high level of precision, giving perfect straight lines, curves and complex designs with ease. CNC Coding can be completely tailored to your parts requirements, no matter what you are looking for.